about multi tower

The multi tower 3D silver anodized aluminum profile was specially designed to create cubes, towers and walls that are easily backlit with LED lamps and are easily transportable.

Multi tower 3D profiles can be used in lengths up to 6 m / 18 ft. or can be cut to smaller sizes for transport and connected with straight connectors. Joints on the straight profiles are reinforced with an aluminium cross that can also be adapted as a lamp fitting for LED lamps.

Multi tower 3D profiles are available as finished sets or as long length profiles up to 6 m /18 ft. long for cutting.

The multi tower 3D frame system is delivered in cardboard packaging. Differnt sizes of hard-sided transport cases are available as accessories too. All system parts are available as spare parts. To see the multi tower price list (PL-006D), please register here.


The multi tower 3D profiles use a corner connection that encloses the corner completely, protecting the graphic panels and giving the tower, wall, or cube a seamless look from every angle. Graphic panels are attached with a silicon lip/edging allowing the graphics to be changed quickly.

set up

Connect the profiles, tighten the screws and mount the graphics – finished.

The advantage of this tension profile compared to other similar profiles is, that using it allows you not to overstretch the fabric when attached to the frame. This is caused by the 90° degree angle of the slot. Fixing  the fabric into the frame for the first 3 mm you move straight into the slot and only then you have to bend it around the corner – the fabric will not be overstretched.


Multi tower 3D profiles are easy to set up and can be used with or without LED lighting as floor, wall, or ceiling displays. Ceiling suspended cubes, towers, walls, and many other designs / structures can be constructed. Ideal for fairs, exhibitions, show room decorations, promotions, shop-fitting, and any other area or event that needs an impressive display with minimal effort. Multi tower 3D products provide an elegant, durable and affordable way to make an impression.


LED lamps - E27 100-240V, 12 watt, 1200 lm (comparable to 100 watt light bulb)
310° light angle – light colour 5400 kelvin.


custom colours available

Upon request we can offer powder coating in many colours for our profiles.

add stability

Multi tower 3D elements are designed to be backlit and allow for easy setup of the LED lamps. 


straight connector

Multi tower 3D profiles can be cut to smaller sizes for transport and connected with straight connectors.


hard-sided transport cases

Different hard-sided transport cases are available for multi frame, multi wall and multi tower elements, making it easier to transport.

Inner dimensions LxWxH 90, 105, 125, 155 und 205* x 26 x 8 cm / 35.4“, 39.4“,49.2“, 61“ and 80.7“x 10.2“x 3.2“.


connector for outside corner

All connectors for multi tower 3D profiles are available as accessories. Straight connectors, corner connectors and crosses (for joint reinforcement) are used to build multi tower 3D elements.

adjustable base

The base for multi tower 3D contains adjustable feet for leveling on uneven floors or ground. This part  can also be used to connect cubes or towers.



Multi tower 3D elements can be easily suspended from ceilings. All of the necessary parts for ceiling suspension are available as accessories.